6 Ways How Tennis Has Evolved In the Past 10 Years

6-Ways-How-Tennis-Has-Evolved-In-the-Past-10-Years QQ188

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6 Ways How Tennis Has Evolved In the Past 10 Years, How do you play tennis? This is the most asked question that is a great challenge for new players who want to learn the sport. Tennis is no doubt a great sport along with many distinct personalities. In this article, allow us to reveal the fundamentals on how to play tennis.

Know Tennis First

Tennis is a sport that is played by many people around the world as an excellent form of recreation and exercise. Many levels of professional play this game in different tournaments all around the world. You will find that there are four leading tournaments known as the Grand Slam Tournaments, which includes the US Open, Wimbledon, the French Open and Australian Open. Countless of people watch such tournaments that makes tennis a huge spectator sport too. This sport is playable by all age brackets and is enjoyed by many players at different levels from children to adults.

6 Ways How Tennis Has Evolved In the Past 10 Years

The set of performance data as well as the availability of tools to evaluate has changed coaching in different sports. However, to those people who are watching from the TV or from the stands, the change has been steady and the enhancements subtle. More clear from perspective are the mobile applications that now gives people a much better look insight to what is happening throughout matches.

For instance, tennis wherein mobile apps enable fans to know key statistics linking to the 2 players involved into a match on a tournament such as Wimbledon. The statistics link to performance indicators and they are updated on real time as the competition progresses thus fans could measure the performance of the player against the historical data.

The accessibility of a decade’s worth of data denotes that people can now evaluate how tens have changed throughout the time. Following are 6 ways on how tennis has evolved in the past few years.

  1. Getting social

By 2014, the association of The All England Tennis Club acclaimed a deal along with the social video company Grabyo that perceive near –live clips of competitions posted on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

  1. The beginning of player-tracking

During the 2012 Wimbledon match, player-tracking technology was assessed in Centre Court. In addition to that, the technology track players enables for analysis as they move all around the court into how their overall performance evolves over the match.

  1. The drop of US Men’s tennis

 You will find that there were no presently US men within the world top ten. Did you know that the highest placed in the US Men’s is Jhon Isner who ranked 20. Sam Querrey who ranked 43 followed him. Compare that on the 1990s by the time Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras and Jim Courier succeeded the Grand Slam titles.

  1. Tie rise in the significance of service turns

The corollary reduce in the significance of the serve is the rising significance of return of serve. By 1990, there was no top service returners was able to arrive in the top 10 players of the world. In 2014, 4 out of the top 5 service returners were able to get in the world top 10.

  1. The absence of volley and serve

By the 2000 and 2001 Men’s Wimbledon singles final, there are 382 volley and serve points played, and it is an average of 191 points every match. Within the 12 years followed, the volley and serve points played within the men’s single finals be around only 22 every match.

  1. Virtual reality

Few lucky tennis fans on the Australian Open last year were managed an Oculus rift motion-sensitive racquet tennis and virtual reality headset. They were the offered the chance to face, and try to return, a serve coming from the best tennis around the world.

Tennis fans don’t just want to see what is happening in the world of tennis, but also they want to know what is happening as well. There is no doubt how this sport has changed for the past years and expects several changes in the future too.

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