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BADMINTON WORLD FEDERATION, The international governing body for badminton sport is the badminton world federation. This body is recognized by the international Olympic committee (IOC). It was founded in the year 1934 as the international badminton federation with nine member countries.  Today badminton world federation has expanded to 176 countries. The name badminton world federation was decided at the general meeting held in Madrid in September 2006. The initial nine member countries were: Denmark, Canada, France, England, Netherlands, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand. The head office of the badminton world federation was located in Cheltenham, UK. Later it was shifted to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The current president of it is Poul-Erik Hoyer Larsen.

For promotion and development of badminton sport across the world the badminton world federation is working with the cooperation of the regional governing bodies. There are six international events that are organized by badminton world federation.  Those international events are: Thomas cup, Uber cup, the world championship, world junior championship, Sudirman cup and with the cooperation of the international Olympic committee it also organizes Olympic Games.  Out of the event that are not held regularly are World grand prix and world cup. Two publications are also published, namely the IBF handbook and world badminton (journal).


Also badminton world federation sanctions various open events that are classified into seven categories. In these open events different points are awarded on the basis of world ranking. Also, various awards are bestowed by badminton world federation to umpires, players, sponsors and other individuals for their contribution in badminton and their achievements in badminton. Also, it encourages woman in badminton and provides with an award for the best male and female player in the year. The new logo of the organization of the badminton world federation was unveiled in 2007 but it got officially launched at Sudirman cup held in Glasgow, Scotland. This logo was designed by Aboeb Luthfy of Indonesia in the three month contest organized by the federation.

Badminton is played with lightweight racket and a shuttlecock. Historically, the shuttlecock was known as cork. Badminton is popular amongst the countries of Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Denmark. The first badminton championship of BWF was held the year of 1977. Also in various countries, national and regional badminton tournaments are held. Most of the competitive badminton tournament is played indoors because the even lighter wind affects the shuttlecock. There is no gender discrimination in playing this game. Nowadays this game is also played and imparted in the curriculum of schools and colleges.

This game is played in rectangular court that is divided into equal halves having net of 1.524 m high and it has 2 players or 4 players in doubles.  Their objective is to hit the shuttlecock over the net. The skill required is concentration, eye and hand coordination and physical fitness. The earlier version of badminton was played 2000 years ago in many countries.  Those countries were India, Greece, Thailand and China. This game is also included in the commonwealth games since the year of 1966. The Canadians won the gold medals in women’s doubles and men single event’s. Also, it has won bronze and silver medals in other various events.

As per the studies, it is found that across the world badminton is considered as a fastest racquet sport. In India, it is second most popular sport after cricket. It was invented in the mid of 1800. Indian women Sania Mirza ranked 1st in tournament of women’s single player in the year 2015. She has also won the Olympic medal in the 2012 Olympics. Thus this game is found very popular across the world.

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