E-Games and environment-a whole new ball game

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Are you still staring at the title? Do you feel like this article is marching to a different drummer? Well, not. There is a lot of the ecology and games. In this current situation where we have recently celebrated the world environment day, it’s the time to prove that E-games are not just a way to spare your precious time. If you are an environment conscious, nature loving parent, you can allow your kids to play some of the games. These games will help the child to understand what the ecology is, and that too in a very enjoyable way.

Help your kids grow in fun

Games are the most interesting way to study new things. When a new stuff is being understood through games, it will never be forgotten. What if the game is pretty interesting with graphics and sounds? It will be the one which oozes deeper into the minds of children.

There are a lot of games such as Star wars episode 1, where the game involves your kid in generating and recreating the ecology. While he watches the changes in the same, his mind gets the point of nature, its changes and the effect of pollution in nature through the game. Consciously he may be playing, but his subconscious mind picks up some lessons that we normally fail to make him understand in real life.

E-games are not merely games, they are much beyond

The environment and ecology are smartly incorporated in some games like Sim Animals and plant it green. Along with giving the clear ideas about the day, night, animals, plant and their positive effects in human life, these games will subconsciously develop a sense of environment and environment-friendly thinking in your child.

The games, designed with brilliant green colours with mind blowing graphics will make your child get involved with nature and its elements. While a good wood is missing around us, these games will allow them to have a feel of a walk in the woods. Don’t you believe that they will love real things over the virtual ones? Yes, these games may prompt your children to plant trees or to grow pets!

Observatory skills-The skill that can be developed with E-games

Let you child look deeper to the game details, the change in the greenery when he hits with the mouse, the effect in flowers when he does a click. And the expression of animals when he scrolls! So in each action does, he becomes observant and intellectual. He understands to notice small details and he will study the art of observation.

A real nature lover will have his eye on nature always. While your child starts observing the small details in the game, slowly he will do the same with real nature. Don’t you understand that your mission is accomplished?

Real life and virtual games-A contradiction

Converting the E-gaming interests to the real life may do harm than benefits in case of other games. But these eco-friendly games have to be converted to real life habits so that the environment and our overall ecology will get the advantage. Sitting some hours in front of the monitor is never your role!

You can prompt your child to have a glance through the real nature that he has seen only through the computer. Make him feel the chill f wind and the lush green of plants. Show him real plants and animals so that he enjoys the game also in deep. Make him realise the fact and the realistic part of games. And you are done!

In a nutshell!

E-games can grow or slow your child. It completely depends on upon the choice of games and the way you take it. If you love nature, you can choose games that are related to ecology for your kids. This will improve their perspective and make them more nature-friendly.

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