Max Verstappen: Testing the New Bull in Town

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Max Verstappen: Testing the New Bull in Town, stated that he does not see any reasons for considering interest from his rival F1 teams following the mid-season promotion from his Toro Rosso team to Red Bull. He will swap places with the Daniil Kvyat from a Spanish Grand Prix with the Red Bull claiming that his moves will take away the pressure off a Russian together with the ease of tension, which was building in Toro Rosso for Carlo Sainz Jr. and Verstappen.

It was also speculated that Verstappen switching of safeguards, who is already in the mid of 3 years contract when he decided to consider offering and joining the rival teams. This man also stated that he is very happy when he becomes a part of Red Bull upon the visit of Milton Keynes main team factory.

Max Verstappen: Testing the New Bull in Town

The promotion of Verstappen to the team of Red Bull will really happen, though the sudden decision takes the people especially Daniil Kvyat, in a surprise. Verstappen, from the point of view of experts, can be considered as the future champion in the world. Some predict also consider him of becoming multiple champion because of his prodigious talent. Red bull has already earmarked the promotion from their team feeder, Toro Rosso.

The reality that this future world champion signed for 3 years of contract, there will surely be vacant position in Ferrari for the next season, even though Kimi Raikkon will be unlikely retained. This is considered as open secret, which they really tempted to consider thru Verstappen. Also, Mercedes has been circling him. Remember, this driver is a young boy when he started to drive on a road since last year. But, now he is already starting to create and build his own reputation in this field of sports.

Verstappen starts to clearly relish his promotion to the senior team of Red Bull for the next weeks. He said that being part of Red Bull is really a great and amazing opportunity, while being grateful for the chance that they give to him. This man is always looking forward to work with the proven and experienced teammate such as Daniel Ricciardo. Verstappen is still grateful in being a part of Toro Rosso, which also contribute for his becoming as a talented and world class racer. He also acknowledges Franz Tost and Faenza for contributing in making him this far in this career, which he admits that they have really great and amazing time being together.

Right now, he is looking forward to have a one of a kind experience with his new team, Red Bull as he promised also to do his very best in order to prepare him for the best in his first laps for RB12. He cannot keep his excitement while waiting for a special moment to happen in his life as a kart racer. It can be a bitter sweet because he will leave his team while starting to take the new path as he embraces his new family, the Red Bull.

The principal of his new team, Christian Horner stated that Max was able to prove his worth as an outstanding young world champion. His amazing performance in Toro Rosso is becoming impressive while being pleased in giving him an opportunity to drive not anymore for Toro Rosso but for their team. It is simply the brilliance of Verstappen that makes him a real world class champion in this sport. And now, people should expect that it will be hard for them to see him playing in F1 for too longer period of time.

With the skills and dedication of Verstappen in kart racing, no one will ever doubt if he will be considered as the world champion in this kind of sports. You will never wonder also if many kart racing team will act too eagerly in making him a part of their team. Well, Red Bull is just so fortunate to him in their team. Every kart racing fanatic will surely love to see this man playing on his new team. It may be a great regret for Toro Rosso but this is probably the best time for this man to explore and enjoy another team for Verstappen’s professional growth.

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