NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore Fan Should Know


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NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore Fan Should Know, What are the NFL best games that you have already watched? Well, for some they will probably be citing a particular season or match of football teams. There are really games that are trending for days because of the iconic win of a particular team and others. It is not just your favorite player r team will give you the best game but almost every NFL game is truly fun and memorable. If you are really an avid fan of this game, are you sure that you know everything it about it starting from great winnings to funny moments?

NFL Games: Fun Facts That Every Hardcore Fan Should Know

NFL games or National Football League is a professional football league for Americans that was founded in 1920. Because of being popular and most anticipated game, this was already known to be one of the major professional sports league. No wonder that there is always a blockbuster in every regular season. Aside from its great history, there are other great facts that you shouldn’t miss for your life. You may already know some but how about the others?

If you are an NFL hardcore fan, you should know the following things:

  • There are a total of 500 audiences when this football was ever first televised in 1939. There were less than 112,200,500 audiences who have watched the Super Bowl game in 2014.
  • You will need to wait for 1,000 years before you final have your ticket and watch it live. There is nothing wrong if you will be signing up for the season ticket for Green Bay Packers but being on the waiting list will be way too long. There may be some that would give up their own tickets but it is over thousand years before you have it.
  • There is only one NFL best team that had three-peated wins in Super Bowl history. It was the Green Bay Packers that had won for three consecutive years starting from 1966 to 1968. According to history, there is still no other team that had done this like what this team had.
  • The trophy for Super Bowl cost for thousand dollars. It is said that this precious trophy cost for $25,000. It may be a bit lower compared from what other famous NFL players earned but winning this is priceless
  • It is calculated that almost 4,000 balls are produced per game day. It was since 1941 that Wilson is the exclusive creator of NFL ball that said to produce the number of balls. It is compared to producing one ball per Eli Manning interception.
  • It was recorded that there is a player that had earned a score of 40 points. It was in 1929 game when Ernie Nevers had got 4 points and 6 touch down. This score was the oldest record fund on the old NFL record book and this was also said to be famous.

These are some of the great facts that have totally amazed all the avid fans of this game. Aside from it, funniest moments will no longer be out of the season. This just proves that even NFL layers can rally do things that will totally make fans to laugh.

NFL is indeed a great and exciting sport or league to watch. Knowing the basics about Football can definitely help you to enjoy watching every football league since you would have enough knowledge or background as to how the game is played as if you are a part of the league. As a fan, you would always have this feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you can now understand what does offense as well as defense means or how it is executed.

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