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The Olympic Games were originated in ancient Greece around 3000 years ago. This has become world’s most prominent sporting competition. Since the 8th century BC to 4th century AD this game is played every four years in Olympia that is located in the western Peloponnese peninsula in respect to honour god Zeus. The first Olympics were held in Athens in the year 1896. In this Olympics 13 nations had participated in 43 events with 280 participants. Since from 1994 Olympics have been separated into summer and winter Olympics and for every two years it is alternated. The ancient records have shown that the Olympics were played in 776 BC. It was held between August 6 and September 19 during the religious festival for honouring Zeus.

The more races have joined as Olympics game after 13 Olympiads. They are: the Dolichos and the Diaulos. In 708 BC pentathlon was introduced. These consist of five events they are: wrestling match, javelin throw, discus throw, long jump and foot race. In 688 BC boxing was introduced and in 680 BC chariot was initiated. In the ancient Olympics there were only male event and no female’s events and also married women were prohibited from attending the Olympics event. The official symbol of Olympic game is five coloured rings interlocking each other. This represents the continent of north and south Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Europe.


It is only after 1924 that the Olympics have taken off as international sporting. During this year 44 nations had participated with 3000 athletes’ and among them there were more than 100 women’s. It was the first time when the game had initiated closing ceremony. This game is considered to be foremost sports competition in the world. The Olympic movement is consisting of the national Olympic committee as well as international sports federation and other organizing committee for specific Olympic Games. The decision making body of Olympic game is IOC and with that authority it is responsible for choosing the host city for every Games. It also organizes fund for the Games as per Olympic charter.

In Olympic Games there are symbols and rituals such as a torch and Olympic flag as well as the opening and the closing ceremonies. For every first, second and third winner there are Olympic medals awarded. They are categorized into silver, gold and bronze. This game is so much grown that now almost every nation is represented. This has resulted in many controversies and challenges, including bribery, doping, boycotts and terrorist attacks in the year of 1972. Olympics game also includes youth games.

In the year 2010, the Olympic Games were wholly complemented with youth games. This includes youth athletes’ ageing between 14 years to 18 years. This game was conceived by the president of IOC Jacques Rogge in the year 2001. The first youth Games were held in Singapore in August 2010.  Even the IOC has allowed the formation of national Olympic committees that represents the countries that does not meet with requirements for political sovereignty as are demanded by other international organizations.

Since 1896, Summer Olympics held in Athens the Olympics has been commercialized in different degrees. In the 1908 Olympics held in London, the sponsors of Olympics Games were Odol mouthwash, Indian foot powder and Oxo. It was first broadcasted on television in the summer Olympics of 1936. Months before the games in Olympia the Olympic flame is lit-in by way of ceremony that reflects the rituals of ancient Greek. During the ceremony a female performs as priestess and ignites the torch. And at the end of the event medal ceremony is organized and the national anthem of the gold medallists country is played.

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