Top 5 Fight Knockouts in Mixed Martial Arts

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Top 5 Fight Knockouts in Mixed Martial Arts, Usually, knockout is the finishing touch in a fight such as in boxing and mixed martial arts. It is the most exciting part of the game that everyone is waiting for. This is because there is something in a knockout fight that makes out adrenaline goes up to the extent that we even get up our couches and jump for excitement. Knockout is what we all want to see in a fight and this is true to most people.

Top 5 Fight Knockouts in Mixed Martial Arts

Many are wondering how other fighters are able to make such striking punch that they get to win the fight in just one strong blow. Well, not all fighters are able to do such thing as a knockout blow because it also needs an extensive training and regular body conditioning to achieve that striking punch in one shot. There are several contributing factors that will help a fighter get through the fight by a technical knockout win. Basically, for a knockout win, you will have to push yourself to the limits and include immeasurable power in every punch to leave your opponent sleeping on the canvas.

Here are the top 5 knockouts that happened in the history of MMA. Get to know strong guys behind these revolutionary events.

  1. Andrei Arlovski defeats Travis Browne – the fight ended in the first round for more than 4 hours minutes. The event happened last May 23, 2015 where most people are amazed of the striking blow of the winner.
  1. Brian Ortega defeats Thiago Tavares – this knockout win lasted for 3 rounds at the UFC Fight Night in the Henderson-Boetsch main card.
  1. Yair Rodriguez defeats Charles Rosa – the fight was won via a split decision during the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held last June 13, 2015.
  1. Charles Oliveira defeats Nik Lentz – at the third round, the fight ended through submission because of guillotine choke. The event happened during the same night that the UFC fight between Alves and Condit on May 30, 2015.
  1. Gian Villante defeats Corey Anderson – this fight has won via technical knockout punches. At the round of 3, the fight ended.

In the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship, these 5 fights had been very catching for most people particularly for those who are into this fighting sport. There had been several cases that knockout was made through a clean shot which is not impossible in this fight. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a long catch for those who are just starting to learn the sports but for individuals who really do have the passion for a fight such as this.

To compete in MMA, you need to prepare your mind and body to anything that can happen. Since your goal is to win, you have to be at your best every time that you will go to the fight. Getting a knockout win is quite difficult but with proper training, you will be able to get to your goal.

The good thing about the training is that you can do it anytime and anywhere you want. It is because you can bring along the ropes as it can easily store even on small duffle bag. This means that even if you want to enjoy the beach, you can still do the training.

Use training method spares you from boredom that can be experienced while doing other exercises. It is being integrated with MMA or Mixed Martial Arts and other combat sports.  This will bring a new twist of fitness routine and conditioning.  It increases your strength, endurance and power. It will help in toning your muscle and keeping the metabolism at par. Making few quick whips can get your heart rate to escalate.

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