Venezuela beats undermanned Jamaica

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Venezuela beats undermanned Jamaica, Josef Martinez saves Venezuela by hitting the left-footed shot over the outstretched arms of Jamaica’s goalkeeper Andre Blake to clinch the 1-0 in the Copa America 2016 held at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois on June 5.

Jamaica gave away a clearance attempt that sets up Martinez’s goal. Defender Rolf Feltscher started a four-pass combination that freed up Martinez near the left corner of the six-yard box at the 16th minute.

At the kickoff, Clayton Donaldson attempted the first shot of the game but it went offside.  He also executed a half volley but it just goes over so Jamaica awarded a corner, which they didn’t capitalize. Je-Vaugh Watson’s header also went off the crossbar.

A handball was called to Jobi McAnuff and Vinotinto got a free kick that became nothing as Blake was fouled.  Michael Hector also fouled Alejandro Guerra on the latter’s attempt at the box.

Venezuela beats undermanned Jamaica

Things changed as Jamaica was awarded a red card due to Rodolf Austin hard foul on Tomas Rincon. Austin eventually thrown out of the pitch and the Jamaican’s are undermanned all of a sudden, down to just only ten players.

Vinotinto fired a shot but Blake saves it with force that resulted to the first’s corner. It went nothing however.

Some scuffle and collision happened between Kemar Lawrence and Luis Manuel Seijas as they try to go for the ball. Lawrence went down after the trip and Wes Morgan comes in to his place.

Oswaldo Vizcarrondo went to a header but it goes wide for a Jamaican corner. He didn’t execute it perfectly because he wasn’t able to beat the first man.

On the other hand, Arquimedes Figuerroa booked a foul by hitting Hector that ended the first half with tensions and emotions rising.

At the second half, Hector strikes for a chance to increase the advantage but it only went to the post.

Some sloppy plays went underway at the start of the half until Salomon Rondon aided Martinez to make the ball through the goal but Morgan came to the rescue by saving the possible shot, resulting to a corner for Vinotinto.

Roberto Rosales went for a cross but it was pushed back by Jermaine Taylor led to Venezuela’s corner. After that, Andre made a spectacular save to break Wilker Angel’s diving header leaving Jamaica some glimpse of hope to tie the match.

Jamaica’s Adrian Mariappa made a long throw in that led to Watson’s volley going high. A free kick was awarded to Jamaica, but Angel booked for a foul against McAnuff. Giles Barnes also joined the party by firing a shot at the box but it also went wide at the goal’s left side.

Venezuela’s Dani Hernandez also made a save, this time on Mariappa’s attempt. Vinotinto got a free kick on Jamaica’s penalty area but they missed it.

Some substitutions were made by both squads but neither got an advantage. Also, Taylor went down due to a fatigue and cramps.

Vizcarrondo also went to a header but it goes behind. Jamaica got a corner but they didn’t make it because of the first man defense.

Hector was fouled by Figuerroa in the next sequence. Two minutes was added and both teams had the chance to score, especially for Jamaica who aims to tie the match. However, some point blank missed shots and poor spacing ball cost them, as Venezuela holds on to a victory.

Jamaica will face Mexico, a rematch from 2015 Gold Cup Final, and Venezuela will meet Uruguay in a pair of Group C games in June 9.

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